TM Joint Pain

TMJ is an abbreviated form of Temporomandibular
Joints are present on both the sides of your head that
connect your jaw to your skull.

TMJ is an abbreviated form of Temporomandibular Joints are present on both the sides of your head that connect your jaw to your skull. This joint is more prone to complex issues because of its overuse. If you feel that your joint clicks or pops when you eat or open your mouth then you can visit Dr. Nilam Dental clinic in Pune.

Our dentists namely Dr. Nilam Lohar and Dr. Asmitha Kharche are the best TMJ disorder treatment doctors in Pune with 10 years and 10 years of working experience respectively. Schedule an appointment with us which is free for the first time and for further follow-ups you can contact our front desk executive.

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How is TMJ Treatment Performed?

Our dentist will diagnose your dental condition for TMJ disorder. The underlying conditions can be because of tooth and jaw alignment problems. We will prescribe you orthodontics treatment like braces for reshaping the teeth and the jaws. TMJ symptoms can be healed and cured in lots of ways by our renowned treatment. A custom dental appliance will be prescribed for you if your TMJ is due to grinding or clenching.

There are treatments like taking an anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing medications or learning relaxation techniques to decrease the tension in your jaw muscles. Sometimes surgery is the option for curing the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding TMJ Disorder Treatments

What is Temporomandibular Joint?

This joint is found on both the sides of the head that links your jaw to your skull. It is not possible to open, close, munch and speak without this joint. It is quite vulnerable for most of them because of its mobility and usage. Visit us to get treated immediately.

Does TMJ go away?

In most of the cases, the pain from TMJ will go on its own. It is important to inculcate some of the self-care practices like exercising for minimizing the clenching caused by stress. This will eventually soothe the symptoms of TMJ. Schedule an appointment with our TMJ Disorder Treatment Doctors in Pune.

Is TMD serious?

This ailment is not serious but it would very difficult to bear the pain. It actually occurs from issues related to your jaw joint and muscles in your face. There are other causes like teeth grinding, stress, or an injury that impacts the joint with pressures. If left untreated, TMD can affect your speaking, eating or at the time of head movement.

What is the fastest way to cure TMJ?

Follow the following home care tips to cure TMJ in a very fast manner:

1) Heat pack or towel dipped in hot water
2) Jaw Exercises
3) Liquid or Soft Diet
4) Sleeping on one side
5) Facial Exercises
6) Relaxation Techniques
7) Medications

Do dentists treat TMJ?

Yes, one of the best dentists in Wakad Dr. Nilam Lohar who is specialized in TMJ disorder treatments in Pune can actually help you in relieving and alleviating the pain caused by TMJ. All you need to do is visit us by scheduling an appointment, rest of the things will be taken care by our reputed doctors.

Does TMJ require surgery?

If the situation is quite severe then, surgery is the ultimate option suggested by our dentists. This is the last stage and we will not do it before trying out the non-surgical methods like medications and other home care healing methods.

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