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You can visit our dental clinic
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Habit Correction Service in Wakad

Tongue thrust appears when the tongue presses forward too far in the mouth, resulting in an abnormal orthodontic condition called an “open bite.” There are lots of causes like poor swallowing habits, tongue-tie, allergies, etc. If your babies are suffering from this then visit our Dr. Nilam Dental clinic which is a pioneer in Habit Correction in Child. Our dentists in Wakad are Dr. Nilam Lohar and  Dr.Asmitha Kharche and they have completed their graduation and post graduation and they have a work experience of 10 years and 10 years respectively.  Schedule an appointment and visit us which is absolutely free for the first time and for further follow-ups contact us at our front desk.

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How is Habit Correction Service Performed in Pune?

You can visit our Dr. Nilam Dental clinic in Wakad if you want to initiate Habit Correction in Child. You can bring your child to us and for some kids, it is necessary to get advice from the dentist about why is it important to stop thumb sucking.

Unpleasant techniques are suggested by our dentist like covering your child with a bitter edible material, it is good to cover the hand at night with glows. To know more visit us at our Dr. Nilam Dental clinic in Wakad.

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Frequently Asked Questions related to Habit Correction Service in Pune

Why do some children suck their thumbs?

Sucking reflexes and natural rooting are a natural instinct for babies which can lead to lots of problems. This activity gives perfect comfort to the children that is why they do it frequently especially before or while sleeping.

How long does thumb sucking usually last?

Most of the children stop this activity at the age of 6 or 7 months or between the ages of 2 or 4 years. There is a possibility to get this behavior once again during stress.

What one should do to encourage a child to stop thumb sucking?

Set targets for your child and award them when they complete this task successfully. This will actually teach them self control. Always praise and appreciate your children. You can also give them gentle reminders to stop thumb sucking. To know more Habit Correction in Child visit our Dr. Nilam Dental clinic in Pune.

What causes Tongue Thrust?

Macroglossia, large tonsils, thumb sucking, ankyloglossia, hereditary factors and other artificial nipples used in feeding infants lead to Macroglossia that can make the tongue to rest down in the mouth.

Can tongue thrust be corrected?

The reason for bite problems and misalignment is tongue thrusting. More than Orthodontic patients are suffering from this problem. The swallowing pattern in the tongue thrust must be treated in two different ways: Tongue Therapy or Correction by MyoFunctional Therapy and this exercise will tone up the tongue muscles.

To know more about Habit correction service in Pune visit our Dr. Nilam Dental clinic in Pune and our dentists in Wakad will actually provide the best treatment for you to get rid of this bad habit and restore your dental health.


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