On a daily basis, we try to brush and floss our teeth and avoid sugary, sticky snacks but at times it is not possible to clean every nook and corner. If you haven’t faced cavity at the age of 17 then be proud. If you have any dental related issues then avail our dental filling treatments in Pune.

This technique is quite effective to prevent tooth decay. The fillings are done to seal up the pit created in your tooth caused by decay-causing bacteria. It is one of the most common dental issues performed by dentists. When you visit a dental clinic they will check your dental conditions and ask for any discomfort. Do not leave it untreated or else the tooth decay will spread to the neighboring teeth.

“It would be great to keep your teeth clean rather than losing your smile”

Most of us at the time of chewing will put the pressure on the black molars. This actually leads to an accidental bite of the tongue or surrounding area. This will actually lead to crack the dental fillings, so it must be replaced. Therefore it is important to check the material that is used for filling and the durability of the material used. This kind of fillings will protect the soft inner part of the tooth from infection. We will actually remove the tooth decay and prepare the area for a dental filling. To know more schedule an appointment and visit Dr. Nilam Dental clinic which is absolutely free for the first time visit and for further follow-ups call us at our front desk.

Why does it happen?

Due to poor oral health and hygiene, tooth enamel is damaged. The white strong part of the tooth is enamel which is prone to be affected by bacterial decay. It leads to pits and holes on the teeth. It makes the teeth more sensitive to cold or heats causing pains in the teeth with cavities. It should be treated early to avoid further vulnerable conditions.

Tooth decay is the reason behind affecting the inner material of the teeth called dentine. This actually causes severe pain and other dental problems. If you develop a cavity in your tooth then book an appointment with Dr. Nilam Dental clinic in Pune and do the needed treatment.

Our dentists will clean your teeth and remove the decaying material, bacteria or debris with the help of a dental hand or laser. There are various bonding chemical adhesives that are required for placing the teeth in the cavity.

The materials used are an amalgam, plastic, gold fillings, or porcelain. Among these materials used for a dental filling, a gold filling is quite costly and its durability will last for at least 20 years. If you are not bothered about the notice of the fillings then you can also go for porcelain fillings. The inner teeth are mostly filled with amalgam because it is noticeable. The filling material which is cheapest is plastic but it is not used where large fillings are needed.

It is very important to get dental fillings done soon to avoid any serious dental issues. The tooth filling will get rid of tooth decay and prevent from destroying the tooth structure and another nervous system. This will actually restore your smile and resolve all your dental issues.

The filled teeth can be blend properly with the rest of the natural teeth. If things are done properly, the porcelain filling is virtually invisible and the person’s appearance is not affected. Avail our dental filling services in Pune and throw a confident smile.

Everybody would love to have pearly white teeth and that is why most of them visit a dentist to restore their hidden smile but the ultimate reason suggested to get the treatment done is due to maintain the dental conditions and prevent other healthy teeth. The natural appearance of the tooth is restored by the tooth-colored materials are used to make the composite fillings to restore the natural appearance of a tooth. They have the ability to fuse along with other teeth.

How is dental filling in Pune Performed?

When you visit Dr. Nilam dental clinic in Pune our dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area that is affected and must be treated. Then the decayed area will be removed by air abrasion instrument or laser. Our dentists will actually provide all the comfort and do the pain-free treatment.

Then with further investigation, the decayed area must be completely removed. After the decay has been removed, the dentist will make the necessary treatment to prepare the space for dental filling and remove the cavity-causing bacteria and debris.

A liner made of glass ionomer, composite resin or other materials is used to protect the nerve if the decay is near the root. After the filling is stared our best dentist in Pune will finish and polish it. Tooth Colored Fillings require lots of additional steps. If the decay has been removed our renowned dentists then the area can be cleaned before applying the tooth-colored material in different layers. After this a special light that cures or hardens each layer is thrown. The dentist will shape the composite material to get the desired result by the completion of multi-layering process. Then any excess material is removed by following the final restoration.

If you feel the pain in your tooth and if you witness any cavity then visit Dr. Nilam Dental clinic in Pune. It’s located in Wakad. Our best dentists in Pune are Dr. Nilam Lohar and Dr. Asmitha Kharche who have completed their graduation and post graduation and has a working experience of 4 years and 3 years respectively. Visit Dr. Nilam Dental clinic now to have a smile that gets attention.