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WOW! This place is a hidden gem! I had a really bad toothache overnight and knew I had to go see the dentist. Dr. Nilam Dental Clinic was the first on my google local. So, I called to make a last minute appointment. I explain my situation to Dr. Nilam. she was amazing! She took her time to understand the pain. I’m going through, asked questions and then examined the area I felt pain. After receiving the treatment from Dr. Nilam, I felt like my pain was gone. Overall, I was super happy with my dental experience here! I’ll definitely be seeing her from now on for my dental health.


Teeth Cleaning

Came here for a Teeth cleaning and the service was phenomenal. They were professional with their craft while providing outstanding service. Dr. Lohar was very professional and the staff made sure I was comfortable during my cleaning. I highly recommend this place if you’re in the Pune.


Dental Clinic

I visited this Dental clinic yesterday for the first time and I must tell everyone how amazing the entire experience was. Dr. Nilam was so professional, kind and gentle that I am not afraid to go back next time. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who hates going to the dentist!


Wisdom Teeth

I rarely write reviews on the internet but Dr. Nilam Dental Clinic definitely deserves as much positive feedback as possible. At this clinic, Everyone treats you like family and will bend over backward to cater to your needs. I had to remove my wisdom teeth, but I’ve been postponing this procedure for quite some time now but I’m glad I found Dr. Nilam. She made my wisdom teeth extraction so much more pleasant than expected. It was definitely a great experience.


About Dentist

Great location near Wakad, Pune. Super friendly and knowledgeable dentist in the area. Dr. Nilam Lohar and her assistant were awesome and very attentive. If you looking for a friendly and professional place that does good work, You should visit Dr. Nilam Dental Clinic.


Dental Hygiene

Best Dentist EVER!! Skilled, kind, painless. She saved my teeth and transformed me from someone who was afraid of going to the dentist, to someone who now has good dental hygiene. Everyone from dental professional to staff treats you like you are special. The experience is like no other.